Open Source Plush Toys

Firefox Plush Toy Just saw this entry on Mark Pilgrim's blog, which mainly talked about accessibility. But there's a paragraph or two in the middle that talks about plush toys.

My two-year-old can say "Firefox". I point at the plush toy and say, "What's this?" and he says "Firefox!" and clutches it with both hands and pulls it to his chest. I say, "Can I have the firefox?" and he says, "No, my firefox!" I say, "Can you share the firefox?" and he says, "No sharing!" still working on that whole Free Software / Free Culture thing. Apparently it doesn't apply to plush toys. Or maybe it just doesn't apply to two-year-olds.

Maybe I should be starting to collect open source software plush toys. Any place selling them here besides EverythingLinux? Might check eBay. I can't wait to teach Anna "See! Good penguin. Bad daemon."