New Theme

Playground v2 I have updated Playground to a new WordPress theme. It's pretty much derived from the old theme, 100% hand coded. These are the things I want from a new theme.

  • Simple one column layout. White background, dark gray fonts, and nothing fancy.
  • Bigger text font. Probably better for those who do not have 20-20 eye sight, but it also looks better with a wide one column layout with no sidebar.
  • Fixed 728px column. That's about 50 pixels wider than the old theme, so I can fit a 728x90 leaderboard across the top :)
  • Breadcrumb at top. I find them helpful for navigation, also tells the visitors where they are.
  • Extended footer. All the guts on the sidebar (actually I did not even have a sidebar before!) are now moved to multiple columns in the footer.

Everything else pretty much retained from the old theme -- quickies on the home page, gravatar integration, etc. I am still tuning the layouts and fixing bugs, especially those browser incompatibilities.