Mitzi the Possum, or Tree Kangaroo?

Mitzi the Possum My whole family loves The Koala Brothers, which is usually broadcasted on ABC after 8am, just before I depart for work in the morning. The Aussie-animal themed characters are cute, and distinctive. The moral of each episode is usually helping each other out. A nice good feeling kind of show.

One character that we like is Mitzi, a young "bossy" girl living next to the koala brothers. Vivian and I couldn't really figure out what exactly kind of animal she is -- looks like a koala but with long tails. One day when Vivian flipped through books and saw a photo of tree kangaroo, and thought Mitzi has found her kind.

Last week at Currumbin we actually took some photos of tree kangaroos -- it was my first time seeing one in person. Does look a bit like Mitzi, doesn't it?

Tree Kangaroo

Until I checked the Wikipedia when we came back, and found out Mitzi was in fact a possum!! Well, I still think she looks like a tree kangaroo, but I am not sure whether she really knows her identity anyway, when she is living with 2 koalas and one wombat.