Front or Rear-Wheel Drive, or Does It Matter?

Drive Blog: Is front-wheel drive better than rear-wheel drive? One thing I really like about's latest blog is, the editors know how to use flame baits. Posts were always written in the way that encourages discussion, and they know that the best way to generate discussion is by asking questions that do not have right or wrong answers.

The post seems to be pro-front-wheel drive.

With all the traction control and launch control technology available these days, the old front wheel vices of torque steer are quickly being tamed.

Front wheel drive cars are also safer for the vast majority of drivers because they understeer, a more predictable and recoverable characteristic than oversteer.

Probably because the new Camry is about to be released, 380 is starting to have sales and everyone is looking forward to Aurion.

Or is it because they themselves know that the majority of their readers, i.e. car geeks, prefer to have their cars pushed than pulled?! The first few comments have just confirmed that -- everyone is talking about how bad it is to be sitting behind an over-powered FWD car that understeers at every turn. Then what else? Joy of driving RWD cars in full throttle, with drifting and power sliding on every corner.

Nah. These are not your everyday drivers, who are driving 90% of cars. Majority of car buys don't care about over-steering vs. under-steering. They want a safe vehicle that they can drive from point A to point B. Something reliable. Something easy to maintain. Something cheap to run. Something comfortable.

Like the way this commenter "cricket" summed up (Note to Glenn: no permalink to individual comments?):

In the end you have to admire clever engineering for the design purpose. And for road cars that's fwd. If you really think you need rwd, get one, join a car club, measure your lap times and see how good you really are.

Sorry I don't dare to comment on I am just an average driver :)