Dick, Jane and Ecclesiastes

Fun with Dick and Jane We watched Fun with Dick and Jane (FDJ) on DVD on Tuesday. Haven't had an opportunity to watch a DVD for a while, and I actually felt quite privileged to be able to just relax and joy the show. FDJ is indeed enjoyable -- what do you expect when you have Jim Carrey acting mad! Well, actually I won't say FDJ is one of Jim's "better movies" (Bruce Almighty, Eternal Sunshine, etc). The performance is "okay". Jokes ain't all that funny. However, although the story line can be kind of exaggerating, there seems to be a bit of relevance to those who have gone through the bubble and burst.

The story basically goes like this. Dick (Carrey) worked as a middle management guy of "Globodyne", a huge multi-national enterprise. One day he got promoted to be the VP, only to find out that Globodyne practised some dodgy accounting and the whole thing crashed in minutes. Everyone is out of job, except the former CEO who ran away with $400m in the bank. Unable to find another job in a few months, Dick and wife, Jane, were forced into criminal acts -- robbing the shops, banks, etc. At the end they conned their form CEO and wire-transferred out the 400 million dollars to create a charity fund to support those burnt by Globodyne.

Well. Dodgy, isn't it? I know it is a comedy, but in real life I don't think there can be any excuse to commit crimes -- even if you are a former high flyer who would loose the house if you cannot pay the mortgage.

But morality aside, it is some kind of dark comedy that portrayed events that actually happened. At the end of film when the credit rolls, it even thanked Enron, WorldCom, etc, the mega corps that have risen and failed miserably -- together with all those who put whole of their lives under that company.

Then Wednesday, I went to City Bible Forum in the city CBD. Al Stewart was taking a break, and Richard Chin of AFES came and gave a talk on Ecclesiastes 1. I cannot remember when was the last time that I have heard his talk, but Richard Chin was very humorous and the message very punchy.

He started with the first few verses of Ecclesiastes 1, looking at why the "preacher" said everything under the sun is meaningless. He then quoted Ecclesiastes 3:18-19 stating that death frustrates, but God has a solution for this frustration in Romans 8:20-21. A straight-forward evangelistic talk, using passages that everyone loves.

And Richard Chin mentioned Enron during his talk. A prime example of vanity and meaninglessness. "Hey! I watched that last night" except in the comedy form casted by Jim Carrey and Tea Leonie. Paraphrasing Preacher's words, it is plain stupid to think that the meaning of life is becoming a VP of a global enterprise and put your entire life (including the retirement fund) under it. It is not worth it!!

Moreover, with the New Testament perspective, it is utterly stupid not to trust in God for his solution to this futility. Dick Harper's victory to his form boss Jack McCallister would only be temporary. What happen if he gets sued for fraud? What happen if Dick and Jane's previous crimes get discovered and they are charged for what they have done?

And I just cannot agree with Dick's statement that they are good people forced into committing crimes. No. It only shows that anyone is capable of offending the law, as long as (1) there's a need, (2) there's an opportunity and (3) they have not been caught.

Obviously, if Dick and Jane's response to the whole Globodyne collapsing fiasco is, "well, at least there's our Father in Heaven that we can trust" and move on, we will not have "Fun" with Dick and Jane. That's another story...