Anna's Big Weekend


Anna woke up at the usual time, saw the tricycle sitting on the lounge room coffee table, and could not get her hands off it. She can quickly get herself on the tricycle, but still not strong enough to paddle.

Went to China town to pick up the cake (thanks to Leo for ordering for us), and then rushed to Maroubra beach where we had BBQ with others in MBF. Anna ate quite a lot of fish ball/cake/tofu (probably because of the BBQ source which was new to her), but did not want to have a bite of cake at all. The taro cake was very nice, by the way. Lots of food at the barbie and lots of fun. Anna enjoyed the sand so much that I think we'll have to bring her to the beach everyday when we go to Gold Coast for holidays in 2 weeks.

Came home really exhausted -- all three of us! Hit bed really really early on Saturday.


Church in the morning, where Rob gave a talk on Deborah and Barak. MBF seminar is on the fatherhood, which is part of trinitarian series in preparation for MYC this year.

Afternoon -- more play! JJN's place first, and then riding tricycle again down at the Kensington park. She still could not paddle, but Anna already felt content by just sitting on it and looking at her reflection in the mirror.

Later in the evening, I have finally managed to work on Anna 2.0. Well, don't expect any Web 2.0 feature in this resurrected website. It is two-point-oh because Anna is turning 2 year old today! I dumped TextPattern for WordPress, hosted on my VPS at VPSLink, and opted for a very simple theme.

Can't imagine that it has been 2 years already.