ADSL2+ Here I Come!

Exetel, the broadband service provider that I have been using, started reselling Optus' ADSL2+ product yesterday, and have their sign up form activated at around 10'ish in the morning. I went there and have a look, to my surprise, Kensington exchange is now Active according to their NSW exchange list! A few days when I looked at it, the status was pending to December 2006. Some miracle happened and behold! A new Optus DSLAM just magically appeared inside the Kensington exchange overnight?! Not what I expected 4 months ago, but I am happy :)

  Before After
Wholesaler Telstra ADSL1 Optus ADSL2
Speed 1.5M/256k up to 24M/1M
Data Transfer 16Gb/month 16Gb/month
Monthly Cost $80 $70
(+ $32 line rental)

So what did I do? No hesitation what so ever when I click through the sign up form to have my existing Telstra-wholesale ADSL1 service migrated to the shining new ADSL2+ service.

As I am living like 3km away from the exchange, I'll be happy to have ADSL2 sync'ed to 8Mbits/sec, but that is still miles better than what I am having now. And it is actually at a monthly price cheaper than what I am paying, as the monthly fee also includes line-rental.

Just have to wait now -- up to 14 working days claimed by Exetel, and maximum 1 hour down time when they re-wire my phone line. ADSL2+ here I come!