Rainy Weather

Rainy Weather Forecast This is Sydney's weather forecast on Sydney Morning Herald for the next few days. Looks very gloomy to me. And we already had almost-non-stop raining for the past week! It was windy, rainy and chilly, and Sydney's winter has just started.

And it wasn't the bad weather that troubles me. Flu and cold often follows -- and daily sickies at work is the clear evidence. Almost everyday there is someone who is sick. Great way to reduce productivity.

I was also sick for two days on Wednesday and Thursday, but felt much better after a good rest. Vivian is still recovering. Anna could not stop coughing at night, and had running nose for the past week. Need rest. Need prayer.

Update: Fortunately, SMH weather is wrong. Actually their forecast is usually wrong anyway except maybe the "current weather". However I am actually glad that they were wrong, which we actualyl had perfectly good weather from Monday onwards. Yeah!