Search Excerpt WordPress Plugin 1.1 Released

First of all, I have moved the Search Excerpt WordPress plugin from my old personal blog to here. It has also been added to my Subversion repository at DreamHost.

Since I wrote the Search Excerpt plugin many moons ago I haven't bothered to update it since (1) it works for me (2) I am lazy. However I have been getting quite a few requests from the last few weeks so I might as well revive the plugin and make it to work a bit better. So what has been changed in 1.1?

  • Merge in Jam's unicode fixes.
  • Try to be executed before wp_trim_excerpt() to avoid Aleksandar's issue.
  • Use own get_content() function to bypass WP's pagination.

Download the latest version here. You can also use subversion to install the plugin, if your WordPress installation is a checkout from WP's SVN repository.