Ping-O-Matic Almost Unpingable

Not sure what is going on, and I have not seen others blog about it, but for the past few days Ping-O-Matic is not working for me. Web page took forever to load, if it loads at all. XML-RPC stalls all my posting. The only thing that seems to be working is their blogsite, which says nothing about its current status.

As Ping-O-Matic is pinged by default in all WordPress installations, I would think that this issue would be esclated and wide-spreaded across blogosphere. Or was I the only one affected (yeah right, all my sites across 4 different locations)?!

Anyway. I am turning off the pinging for now (Options > Writing > Update Services -- remove from the textarea). Do so if you can't stand the wait after "Publish", which usually times out anyway. Someone has suggested Pingoat, but I think I try another method to ping other services.

And that's FeedBurner PingShot. It fetches your RSS feed at regular interval, and will ping those service for you once FeedBurner detects a new content -- all done asynchronisely so it does not interfere with your blog publishing. Since I am already using FeedBurner on all my sites, it is just a matter of clicking on "Activate" to make them work for me.

So far so good. Quick posting now. I am happy :)