Need Help with Building a Church

Someone needs some help with building a church. Actually, not building the actual church, i.e. the people, but building the church building.

GL from Shandong rang me up today asking whether I know anyone that knows about constructing church buildings. Apparently due to town planning, his church meeting place in China is scheduled to be demolished to build residential buildings on top. His church was then allocated another piece of land and some funding, so they can build a new church building there. Since it is starting from scratch, they want to do it properly, and asked him whether he knows anyone from Australia that can give suggestions.

The only structure I have ever built is a small storage shed at my parents' place, and it came with its own assembly instruction. I have no idea about church building, and I know no friend that have actually designed/built a church building. Then I thought, maybe I'll just post the question on my blog -- someone might know.

Basically he needs some ideas about what a modern functional church building should have. Things he needs to know. Things he needs to be aware of, etc. Maybe someone he can ring up and talk to?

Vivian suggested Luke Wong from CCC, since he was an achitect himself. Except the only thing I remembered him designing was the Long Bay Jail, which functional-wise is quite different from a church...

Anyone knows anyone?