L'amour de dieu est folie

Here's a Franch saying. "L'amour de dieu est folie". -- "Love of God is foolish".

Ian Powell used it in his Wednesday talk at the City Bible Forum on John 3:16, with strong emphasis on God SO loved that world that he gave his one and only son...

While many have taken God's love for granted, it was actually something totally unthinkable. SO loved the world, the world he created and later rejected him and became his enemy? It is foolish?! Yes, love of God is foolish. L'amour de dieu est folie.

Yet without this "foolish" love of God, we are all still under his wrath, dead and eternal judgement is where we are all heading to. The "foolish" love of God, with his "foolish" plan of salvation by nailing the Christ to the tree, makes salvation for all who thought they were "wise".