I got spammed by GoDaddy!

I run a small community blog site FOCUSer.net, who hosts WordPress blogs for members or ex-members of FOCUS. It also has an aggregator that tracks other FOCUS-related blogs, hosted on my box or elsewhere, and merge them into one single page in chronological order. I do not go around the web trying to search out all the FOCUS member blogs out there -- I am pretty sure there might be hundreds out there as most our church members are in 18-25 aage group -- but I have a simple submit blog form so people can opt-in their blogs.

That form is simple -- a few fields that are linked to a simple PHP script which sends me the form data so I can manually add the feed into the aggregator. No Captcha, so I was occationally spammed by a few bots that are trying to sell me some kind of "medicine". Oh well.

Then this morning this form was actually spammed by a real person! An email notification arrived, and...

Submit Date:2006-05-18 07:13:25
Submitter:Bob Parsons
Blogsite URL:www.bobparsons.com
Blogsite Tag:Bob Parsons, Go Daddy Software, <blah blah blah>

GoDaddy Aargh! Bob Parsons from GoDaddy Software spammed me! Actually I believed that it is someone else who spammed it as the email address is definitely not Bob's -- probably one of his zealous staffs. However you'll expect being CEO of one of biggest budget registrars, he would want genuine links than seeking links from link-farms or directories!

Maybe Mr. Parsons had some untold history where he has previously studied Down Under and gone to an overseas student church -- maybe I can ask Josh to confirm that :)

Anyway. There are some interesting articles on Bob's blog, where he explained the add drop scheme. Many called it "registrars' taste test", and he renamed it to domain kiting in his latest blog post. That pretty much explained why sometimes when you do a probing WHOIS on a dodgy registrar, and a few days later found the same domain been registered.