FOCUS Map is Almost Here

Thank you all for posting your latitude and longitude for my little FOCUS Map project! However, so far I have only had three account created on the FOCUS website with coordinates filled out, and I myself was one of the three. :(

Anyway, here is a little preview of what it looks like now:

Sui on FOCUS Map

Basically when you click on the marker it will reveal a little bit more information about the person. Currently there's only name and your Gravatar generated from your email address. Btw, Sui -- you are not from Singapore are you?

To see it in action, click here. You can use all the Google Maps controls to navigate around. Dots will be added when more accounts get approved with latitude/longitude info filled in. As you can see so far, Taiwan -- 2. Singapore -- 1.

(For the technical inclined, markers are pulled through via HttpRequest, and backend is implemented as Python CGI with Somehow it runs very slow on DreamHost.)