Drupal 4.7.0 Released

DrupalDrupal 4.7.0 has been released by their great development team, and I actually just spotted when I went there trying to find a module for FOCUS church website. FOCUS still runs 4.6 (which was released more than a year ago), but I have also started a new site that has been running 4.7 release candidate for a few days, which I found way cooler than the version it replaces.

I am still exploring, but so far things I really liked:

  • Auto complete input fields with AJAX. You'll spot those fields with a little circle on the right.
  • Mass comment operations. Very much needed. Great to clean out comment spams.
  • Flexible block regions. Now they can define any number of regions in the theme which is not limited to left/right sidebars.
  • Tagging. It is now standard part of ever-so-flexible taxonomy/category system. Nice.
  • User profiles. Also come standard by default -- used to require "profile" module.

I am still in the process of setting up this new site, and I might take sometime at the end of this week to try to upgrade FOCUS site to 4.7. I think the only thing I would like to suggest at the moment is -- please use Subversion to manage your code repository! Not only CVS feels "old-school", I also like to keep my modules up-to-date with one single command, like how I normally manage my WordPress installations.