Domain squatting my new addiction -- and I too need a stop!

While searching for "dreamhost" on Google, I spotted Angela's new addiction -- buying domains for enthusiasms over potential future projects. I think for the last 2 months I have also been struck by the same disease. Maybe not domain squatting, but sometimes I just do a WHOIS search, and "hey, how come no one has bought this domain?!" Seeing it is a chance that's hard to come by (as I thought...), I whipped out my credit card and a few minutes that domain is mine (until it expires anyway). Cheap real eastate that you can buy online.

So far in my inventory I have 12 domains. Six with Name Cheap, four with GoDaddy, one with Yahoo and one with IntaServe. However, only half of them are in use, and the rest are parked at Sedo. All pretty good domains I reckon -- the kind of domains that I can build a websites on if I have the time. Or maybe they are not that good. Parking at Sedo has only earned me 0.03 cent Euro so far.

And I was almost a domain squatter for profit the other day. Well, not quite. Someone from Norway emailed me with interest to acquire this blog-related domain that I registered with Yahoo, and asked for a price. I emailed back my response, and have never heard from that guy again. Should have put one less zero there :)

Anyway. It seems to be a bad addiction -- and I am not even a Gemini. Need to stop buying new domains. Need to stop buying new domains...