Bible Reading Plans from Bible Gateway and Good News Publisher

Saw it on Victor's blog that Bible Gateway has released new Bible reading plans -- you can either read through the whole Bible systematically in 365 days, or read through key passages in 61 or 121 days.

That reminded me a blog post from ESV Blog a few days ago. Their one-year reading plan is now available as iCal subscriptions, which you can easily import into iCal compatible applications, like Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Mozilla Sunbird and many others. That is just so cool. The technical expertise at Good News Publisher/ESV has always amazed me. The API they have exposed to make the Bible more accessible by the computers and software programs has certainly make "scripture" almost everywhere on the web. It is just so easy to put a daily verse, today's reading plan, etc onto your personal blog.

Can I award them the English Bible translation of the Web 2.0?!

On the note of Google Calendar, I am still loving it. At the moment I am still trying to get the staffs to update the FOCUS calendar (which has its iCal published here) -- if they ever catch this "technology" thing. I'll then use Google Calendar API to pull events and paste them onto FOCUS website, which I have recently upgraded to Drupal 4.7.