Nested Blockquotes in Textile

I need to do a nested blockquote in Textile inside TextPattern, and it has made me even more frustrated. The question is, how?

Nested blockquotes in HTML? I know how to do that! I need to do something like this.

    <p>This is the inner quoted paragraph.</p>
  <p>This is the outter quoted paragraph.</p>

It seems obvious to me that you do the following in Textile.

bq. bq. This is the inner quoted paragraph.

bq. This is the outter quoted paragraph.

It doesn't work. Textile processes paragraphs by line and does not try to do any nesting. I have a few options:

  1. Use something like "bq. <blockquote>Inner paragraph</blockquote>" to wrap an HTML <blockquote/> on the same line as the blockquote. However it does not let me include another paragraph cleanly inside the same blockquote, and it includes the inner blockquote tag inside a paragraph tag, which is wrong.
  2. Turn off Textile completely for that article, and use HTML directly. This gives me the full control, but I also loose useful things like Smarty Pants-like transformation.

At the end I picked (2) as at least it gives me properly validated HTML. I am just wondering, for those who are familiar with Textile -- how do you do nested blockquotes in Textile/TextPattern?