Look, Who is 30 Today?

Apple @ 30Apple Computer, founded on 1st of April 1976, has turned 30 today.

A lot of change for a company in 30 years, wasn't it? Especially for a technology company that leads the world in style and usability. One of my first few computing experience was Apple ][ at my uncle's place when I was 8-9, and a year later started programming in BASIC on one (although it was mostly game playing initially). It was so much superior than the Vic-20 we got at home then. Even after my mum bought herself an IBM XT clone (remember, I was from Taiwan), visual and audio on that aging Apple was still more charming than Hercules graphics and PC beeper...

And where are they now? Wow. Everyone wants to know what Apple will release next. There are more rumour sites than any other company's... Should I say more?

Now, I am almost as old as AAPL. Just let me check whether there's any rumour site on what will Scott release this week... Hmm. None. No journalist threaten to jump off the building either. Never mind.