Judas the gospel writer? No way

SMH: Judas redeemed -- A fifth gospel challenges one of the basic Christian beliefs. Basically a manuscript of "the Gospel of Judas", a gnostic writing dated in the 300-400 AD has been released, where it stated Judas "the good guy" betrayed Jesus on Jesus' ordered, the beloved disciple of Jesus is not John but Mary Magdalene, Father of Jesus > the Old Testament "the minor" God, etc. Don't think it is a "challenge" at all with its gnostic/ancient greek influenced teaching, but the media loves all conspiracy (and conspiracy that surpresses other conspiracy) regardless.

Instead of "Judas redeemed", other relevant news article titles:

  • "Heresy unearthed (yeah, again)"
  • "Relatives of Judas sued Dan Brown for copyright infringement"

Any others?