Google Calendar Beta Live

Google Calendar Beta Via ZDNet, Google Calendar Beta is now publically available for testing. Login with your Google account (which everyone has at least one these days).

Initial impression:

  • Wow! -- cool Ajax/DHHTML app.
  • Well integrated other Google services, especially Google mail.
  • You can have multiple calendars, importing public calendars, and access friends' calendar.
  • Public calendar can be external in iCal format. Now where's my list of iCal subscriptions?
  • You can also get your events in RSS feed. It might be good to rebuild another calendar from incremental changes in the feed, without downloading the entire iCal.
  • You can share your calendar with everyone, or specific individuals. You can also share only the busy/free time without the event details.
  • Notification can be either email or SMS -- too bad SMS is only supported by the carriers in the states.
  • It's can't be a Google app without search -- nice event search capability.

So far pretty impressed. Just one thing I need -- write in iCal format to a WebDAV server, so that those who are not on Google Calendar can also subscribe to my calendar, and it also provides simple synchronization for apps like Sunbird/Lightning.