Help Me Recapping FOCUS Church Camp 2006!

Came back from FOCUS Church Camp 2006 "Spirit Driven Life" this evening, and I was tired. Four days has gone so quickly, and I'll need to face work again tomorrow. :(

One thing that is different this year is -- I actually don't think I have anything worthwhile to report! Oh, the Missionary Sims is fun and very practical. The Battle of the Sexes night was hilarious, but a bit rude and cruel. Bible study was on John 14-17 -- Jesus' final mission briefing to his disciples. It was alright.

However I remembered little from Joshua's sermons -- I've only managed to attend one and half out of four. Nor did I remember anything from the electives -- because I have gone to none. Somehow this year I need to pay much more attention to Anna which leaves me little time to do to activities during the camp. At the end of the camp, I don't think I have even got the conlusion.

I think I'll need to listen through the talks again. Meanwhile, maybe it is a good idea for someone else to recap what has happened during this year's church camp. Post on your blogs and please let me know.