Update -- Busy Busy Busy

Haven't been able to write properly for a few days. Busy busy busy.

  • Yeah! Bought a new toy last week, the Billion BiPac 7401PAC that I said I was interested in here. Actually I got it delivered early last week but could only play with it after Friday. So far so good. My wireless now has good signals, and VoIP has been working well. Now I can call landline for 10 cents untimed and mobile phone for 27 cents per minute no flagfall :)

    Review will hopefully be at the Bargain Blog later this week.

  • The reason I did not want to touch my new modem is because I was trying to prepare for my talk last Friday night. "Double Happiness" was the topic, and I was glad that I could bring out Christianity from this Chinese prosperity theme. Revelation 19 was the passage.

    We also had good turn out on Friday. A few new faces. The person I talked to in the previous week did not come, but still great that I got to talk to many others.

    I was surprised to find out that LS was married. Though he has shown little interest in what Jesus has done on the cross, he was curious to find out what the Bible says about marriage. Hmmm...

  • Weekend -- dentist in the morning (gotta see her again this week, aargh!), fish & chips for lunch and East Garden in the afternoon. Anna loves the playground next to Woolies. She will see it from afar, and ran towards it. Sometimes it can be difficult to drag her out.

    Who doesn't love to play when you are just a toddler?

  • This week has been busy. New deal being signed. A new version branched. Lots of debugging. A quarter of developers are on holidays. Stayed until 8pm to upgrade an internal site last night. Still whole lot more to do...

    But I will be home early today (leaving in 10 minutes) because Vivian needs to go out tonight. I'll take some rest instead :)

  • I am back at FOCUS Team again this session! First time in 2 years. Can't believe that I have graduated for 7 years already...

  • Got an "hda: UncorrectableError" in my Linux server kernel log today (the server that hosts FOCUSer.net). Last time something like it happened my hard disk crashed and it took me almost a week to get back online. My Maxtor is only 18 months old! I need to keep my eyes on this one...

That's it.