Gosling on PHP/Ruby, DHH on Gosling

James Gosling in Java Is Under No Serious Threat From PHP, Ruby or C#:

"PHP and Ruby are perfectly fine systems," he [Gosling] continued, "but they are scripting languages and get their power through specialization: they just generate web pages. But none of them attempt any serious breadth in the application domain and they both have really serious scaling and performance problems."

As far as I have understood PHP's "share nothing" scalability strategy, it basically tries to "do nothing" and heavily relies on database. It works for many web based applications but not all. Well, Ruby does a bit more than web page generation, but I understand he probably meant Ruby on Rails, David Heinemeier Hansson's baby. David responded in Pay no attention to the heathens:

Heh. I love quotes like that. You don't even have to add commentary. Just imagine a puzzled face with raised eyebrows.

DHH -- there are more software in the world than web applications, and even for web applications there is more than executing CRUD operations over relational database.