FOCUS weddings are great

Went to a FOCUS wedding last Saturday. It was Marcus and Polly's, and it was great. Why FOCUS weddings are so good?

  • Great testimony
    Those got married were the ones that you have known for years at church, and their growth in Christian life and commitment in marriage are great encouragement.
  • Great teaching
    It seems the line between "wedding sermons" and "evangelistic sermons" is very blurry here. They were requested for their unbelieving colleagues and family members.
  • Great reminder
    Sermons have always reminded me what marriage is about. Great for those singles looking forward to marriage, even better for those of us who are already married.
  • Great food
    No cold tasteless sandwiches with uncooked veges (i.e. salad), but loads of good combinations of Chinese/Singaporean/Indonesian finger food. Yum.
  • Great catch-up
    One of rare opportunities that you can catch up many ex-FOCUS who have moved on and scattered all over Sydney.

Anything else?