Fiasco de Hard Disk

What I have been busy with in the last few days.

Casualty list:

  • Photos from the last 6 years. (Backed up on CD-R)
  • Videos from the last 2 years. (Backed up on DVD-R)
  • All Sunday sermons from the last 4 years. (Might be backed up "somewhere", except recent talks)
  • Anna's website. (Only DB is backed up)
  • FOCUS Gallery site. 5+Gb of photos is nowhere to be found. (Only DB is backed up)
  • All my MP3's. (Gotta re-reap them again from CD's)
  • Server that needs a rebuild. (Almost there)
  • Many corrupted files that I have not yet encounter -- many files are zero-padded half way through that you don't know until you try to open it.

I think it was far worse than last time. Maybe the WD drives are more dodgy than the Seagate ones, but somehow I bought another WD for replacement. Hmm...


  • Make sure your Linux kernel log is not clustered with junks. If hard disk said he was sick, make sure you can see it!
  • If hard disk was sick, make sure you act quickly. Even one day of delay can reduce the chance of recovery dramatically.
  • Every brand is different. It took my Seagate a while (more than a month) before it gave out its last breath. My WD however, it was like "Argh! I am sick. BANG!!" Don't procrastinate because of past experience.
  • Need a good off-site backup solution. Something that automates so that I'll never forget.
  • Might also need to think about RAID1 mirroring at home. I don't need blistering performance, but really want stability and redundancy.

I am still in the process of restoring the files from my old WD. From the progress it looks like it will probably finish in another 30 hours.