DreamHost DNS Outage?

Have been quite stressful last couple of days -- hard disk of the home server is dying, mails were dropped and files gone missing. Went out to buy a new hard disk yesterday and gotta do the upgrade tonight. But now this DreamHost DNS outage is just making my day worse. (Note: their website is not resolvable to me at the moment)

Started around an hour ago that none of the ns(1|2|3).dreamhost.com can be resolved. Quite a few of my services relying on DreamHost's DNS stopped working. Even my sites at other hosts that have their DNS entries kept on DreamHost have disappeared off the Internet. D'oh.

This site still works as I used an external DNS to point to DreamHost's IP address.

5 months with DreamHost was really like a roller coaster ride. Maybe this host was designed for those who always dream about excitements and surprises. I'll rather have a good night sleep.

Update 4:40pm: All NS are resolving now. Lots of complains in the forum. My customised DNS entry is still lost, which I need to use to access my other host. Waiting...