This Week So Far

It's almost Friday.

And sorry about the point form.

  • Tuesday night I managed to drive around Snowy's old white Mitsubishi van around town helping someone to move. Notes to myself -- (1) ability to drive with a stick is useful, as you never know when you'll end up with a van to move boxes around (2) thank God that someone invented power steering, except Snowy's van doesn't have one.

    Btw, can someone enlighten me, what are all these yellow helmets for? Obviously I did not wear one when I was driving, but was afraid to break some special ritual setup by the owner of the vehicle...

  • City Bible Forum on Wednesday was great. John Dickson gave a short presentation on Jesus and the miracles. He started by showing that it is rational to accept the existence of miracles, if we see there's a law giver in this universe that can give exceptions. It is only irrational if the nature has only its laws and nothing else. However, Jesus' miracles also have 4 significance (which you need to get his book to find out), where we looked at how it foreshadows the kingdom to come.

    John will give a talk on Jesus the "Christ" next week -- don't miss out!

  • Spooky thing happens. On the way to CBF on Wednesday we bump into two of Luke's old church friends. Someone I don't think I've ever met (and sorry I could not even remember his name). It is great to meet new people at CBF anyway, at least "city" is supposed to be the arena of my weekday ministry (only if I can get better at remembering people's names).

    Then the talk finished, and we all exit the building together. He turned to me and told me that he has just released who I am, as he was reading my blog!

    Err. Dan A did that to me before so I wasn't all that surprised (or pretend I'm not). But still, it just feels spooky when a random someone jump out saying "I knew you!"

  • Sydney buses are getting worse. Oh wait, I should not be too optimistic to think that I have met the worst.

    I took the Express Bus to city this morning, after waiting for 20+ minutes after at least 4 othe expresses went straight pass. Every morning there were large crowds waiting for buses at Nine Ways, and in Australia no one queue up (unlike Hong Kong, which I found amazing that everyone queue up at bus stop). I just found it unacceptable when the supply (or buses) cannot grow with the demand (heavily populated Eastern suburbs).

    Evening is even worse. It usually took about the same amount of time to travel from Martin's Place to Oxford Street, than from Oxford Street to Nine Ways. City traffic jam is that bad during peak hours.

  • Reading through balance sheet and 2006 budget of an organisation on Thursday night. Glad that I am not an accountant.

  • MBF Welcome Dinner tomorrow night. Jackie said that 60% of new contacts are mainland Chinese, and Tim reported 100 contacts from first two days of O-week mission. Tomorrow night sounds l ike is going to be an important battle.

    And I think I should be working on my talk for next week.

    $ killall -9 procrastination
    $ ps x | grep procrastination
    12345 ?    R     23:49 procrastination [zombie]

    Aargh!! I pretty much worked out the flow, but still need to work everything out because it is very likely that I'll forget what I am supposed to say if I don't have the words in front of me.

Actually. No need to apologise for point forms. Engineers love them. Commerce people (especially marketing and consultants) adore them. What are you arty people complaining about?