Subversion Hosting at DreamHost

Sorry that I have not been blogging here for weeks -- very busy at work which translates very little time coding for my own. I wish I can just write about all the WTF I've enountered at work over the past weeks, trying to make a multi-threaded CORBA-interfaced Python app server scalable (note "multi-thread", "Python" and "scalable" usually don't appear on the same sentence).


DreamHost (affiliate link) has recently implemented HTTP-based Subversion on their servers, and you can keep unlimited number of source repositories inside your shared hosting account. You can alter the access control either via their clumsy web interface, or since SSH to their Linux boxes is provided, you can just alter the ACL yourself.

That's pretty neat for 20Gb of repository storage at $10 per month. I know other hosts like TextDrive have this for ages, but not at a price point that I would like to pay. Putting a search phrase subversion hosting into Google brought back quite a few other service providers, and they are all pretty expensive.

Therefore I have started importing some of scripts under code section into my new SVN repository, which is currently publicly readable, and will try to point all my downloads over there. It shall hopefully help me getting more code pieces here more organised.