Not enough time to sustain hobbies

I played guitar at FOCUS church this morning. The earth would have been on the mary go around a few times since the last time I played there. The fact that (1) my finger hurts after only 5 songs (2) quite a few people told me later on that they did not know I can play guitar, confirms really how long I have not been playing. Thomas said after the meeting that I should play more (atually I played sometimes at MBF), but I don't think I want to take that challenge. Practise with other musicians + getting to church early is really cutting through my time this week. Besides, there are many fine guitar players at FOCUS.

Later this afternoon Vivian came back from the Phoon's, and relayed Mun's words that I can bring my guitar and jam with him anytime. Well, I looked at my fingers again. It is not 1996 anymore. Although I still enjoy working on the fretboard, I do not think guitar playing is a hobby that I can sustain. You need continous practise, otherwise it'll get very rusty. You need hard working and more practise to improve. But I am just too lazy, having too many things to do, and wanting to do too many other things. I think I'll just keep up at a level that is "good enough" for congregational/fellowship playing...

So instead of accepting Mun's invitation, we (or Vivian) sort of replied that we shall try to organise doing some exercise as well. Tennis? That's another thing that I really enjoyed and played well 10 years ago. Now days, I just do not think I have enough time to sustain this hobby. You need to pick up racquets and balls, drive all the way to the court, getting yourself sweaty, drive all the way back, take shower and all that -- yet you still need to find someone who equally has free time to hit some balls! For the 2-3 hours spent on sustaining this hobby, I could have, hmmm, blog a few entries?!

I guess that is the main problem. I have way too many things that I want to do, and new hobbies seem to chew through my time originally allocated to older hobbies. Music and sports are on the way to the "hibernated mode". I haven't done painting since high school. I haven't even been able to do some programming that I would love to get done.

Another said fact about growing old?