Need a new wireless access point

Asus WL-330 The wireless access point that I bought almost 3 years ago is dying! It actually started a few weeks ago, probably around Christmas, that its signal strength just gradually dropping. AP sits inside the study room, and we used to get Good to Excellent connection from our bedroom. But now the signal strength is always "Low" or "Very Low", and sometimes even totoally undetectable.

And it is not the problem on the receiver end. We have 3 802.11b/g device at home (2x notebook + 1 desktp), and they all have been struggling to get connected to the wireless network. I think it is really on the way to a gradual death...

For those who have WLAN at home -- you know how useful wireless connection is. Once you have experienced, having Internet connection several rooms away from your ADSL modem, it is very hard to go back and be tied to CAT5 again.

So I think it is the sign that we need a new wireless access point (right Vivian?! :)

The harder question is -- which one should I buy? Should I get something cheap that simply replaces our current unit, like this WLAN router for $79? Or should I get an all-in-one unit that that has ADSL modem, wireless, ethernet switch and VoIP, like the popular Billion 7402VGP? This way, I can upgrade my modem to ADSL2+ compatible, and remove all the tangling wires behind my desk. However, neither of my ADSL modem (old Dlink DSL-300) nor my ethernet hub are broken, just that they are a few generations out of date.

Another one that I am waiting for is Billion 7401VGP, which is exactly the same as the more expensive 7402VGP, but with 1 FXS instead of 2, and no SIP gateway support. The price however, is around $60 lower -- except they won't be one the market for another week, as it is just about to be released.

Still, the idea of wireless access point failing is annoying me. I know it is almost 3 years, but I would expect my electronic purchases can last forever (not literally, of couse).