University is not for everyone

Ross Gittins of SMH argued that "it is neither possible nor desirable for proportion of university applicants being accepted to even remotely approach 100 per cent". Yes -- university is not (and shouldn't be) for everyone, but these days it just feels "weird" if you don't have a university degree (especially amongst us Asians). A bachelor degree is now just an extension of high school -- it worth nothing in a few years time, and the "keen ones" will seek even higher education. No wonder tertiary education has been such a successful "business" in Australia, especially to those with the mentality that life is not complete without a uni degree.

No. It is not a be all and end all. I found that I have learnt very little in my 4 year engineering degree (actually I am pretty sure I've learnt heaps except I've given all back). Maybe I won't mention that to at church, when all the new students swamp in next month :)

And Gittins raised this question at the end of his column: "Why so many kids would prefer to be poorly paid GPs or suburban solicitors rather than high-charging, self-employed tradespeople is beyond me". Why? Exactly the same question I would like to ask to many.