Robots.txt Stuff up

Stupid thing I did this week:

In the process of moving Bargain Blog back to my own home server, I somehow rsync'ed my entire design/test site, including the robots.txt, which contains deadly commands to forbid all bots/spiders!

Stuffed up my robots.txt

No wonder for the last few days my AdSense ads on that site are totally irrelevant, and CTR plumbs all the way below 1% -- Google wants to help but can't! Now I have fixed the file, and please come back media partner bots!

Btw, I use Unison to synchronise content between my design sites and actual sites. Not as sophisticated as Glenn's Subversion solution as I don't really care about version control, but it does a much better job than rsync because it has (1) two-way synchronisation (2) comprehensive configuration options, which should have easily solve my stupidity.