My First GreaseMonkey Script

GreaseMonkeyGlen suggested that I should port the Scripturizer for Javascript to GreaseMonkey, and I finally managed to give it a go this weekend.

It is trivial to get the script working. In fact I got to trim the bulk that provides Internet Explorer compatibility. The only tricky thing is variable scoping for a running GreaseMonkey user script.

It is working well for now. You can download the user script from the GreaseMonkey section. It is not as configurable a the regular Scripturizer for JS, i.e. you cannot re-configure the engine by changing variables/parameters at runtime. However, it saves you a click to "scripturize" the HTML document, which currently can be done using the bookmarklet.

Btw, Glen and Lawrence have teamed together to further the development of Scripturizer for WordPress. Code looks a bit massive on the SVN trunk, but has some good ideas, which I am hoping to include in Scripturizer for Javascript as well. Good works!