Moving back and forth

I am talking about hosting and my Bargain Blog. I moved the site to DreamHost more than 2 months ago, but have decided to move it back to my poor old home server yesterday morning.

Problems? There are two. (1) Google (2) DreamHost.

The Bargain Blog was geographically targeting Australia audiences, as I (and other contributors) mostly talk about local savings in Australian dollar. However, being on a TLD ( instead of an .au domain, this site was filtered by Google Australia and will not appear if you search with "pages from Australia" checked.

However, it was in Google Australia's search result a few months ago when it started! It turned out that beside looking at the domain name, Google also check the IP address to see whether the site is hosted inside the Australian network. Because Bargain Blog was hosted on my ADSL connection with Exetel, it was classified as an Australian site. Since moving to DreamHost which is in LA, without an .au domain, it is no longer consider Australian, even though I hinted with "geo.position" in HTML <head/>.

Because how Google classifies the geographical location of a site, I decided to move my Bargain Blog back. It is now again crusing on my Pentium III 450Mhz web server at home. Hopefully the move will give it more AU exposure.

The second reason, regarding to DreamHost itself, will be in my next entry. In summary -- DreamHost is good and generous, but not without strings attached. There is a dark side to it that makes you never be able to use all space/bandwidth provided.