Guido wants your input on Python web frameworks

One of Guido's earliest assignment at Google is to write a mid-size web applications for internal use, and he is sharing his opinions on his research on Python web frameworks. At the end he hasn't found anything that is satisfactory, even though the requirement is straight forward.

By browsing through the comments, despite Python's "one way" philosophy, you'll see how diversify Python's web framework is. It is like going to an expo, where everyone jumps on and says this and that is what he used -- and they all different! Some got mentioned multiple times (like Django, TurboGears,, etc), but there are many others that I have never heard of. Do we really need that many choice?

I've been playing with Django for one project, but as Guido has stated, the amount of magic scales me. Early waiting for the magic removal branch to merge so I can get back to it again. Meanwhile I am actually using for another project (though I've criticised it), which involves minimal session management, minimal templating, and mainly web services using XML and JSON), pulled from static XUL application. I guess it's nature of quickly get up and get going really suits it.

Meanwhile, I'll keep on sampling frameworks for up coming projects. Pylons and trying out TurboGears again.