Google's AdSense Referral Sux

TW: Aaron Wall the "seobook" basically claimed that AdSense referral sux because there exists too many penalties for those "slow earners". He is talking about the new $100 in 90 days recently discovered by JenSense. Personally I have never made anything through the AdSense referral (and probably never will), however I can understand why Google does that. They are not charities -- the Big G, as a public company, shouldn't hand out $100 for every Joe Sixpack you have introduced who only has a 2 page site on GeoCities. They have introduced their referral program, hoping that it might bring in more big traffic publishers, i.e. more money to them.

At the same time, a new site that makes $2 per day (which won't make Google referral payout requirement) might be brining $2,000 a day in 12 months time, keeping both the publisher and Google's shareholders happy. Who knows. Except the original referrer who missed out on the reward.

By the way, I've found getting rather negative about Google after change of ownership. Maybe it is just an art of link-baiting?!