Google, China's Firewall, Good and Evil

SMH: Google another brick in China's great firewall. Google wants to setup a mainland based search engine to combat compeition, but they need to abide China's censorship rules, by blocking "unhealthy" contents from its search result. While it is not bad to have a search engine without the pr0n, they have immediately being labeled "evil" by the free speech advocates, and some have threatened to remove AdSense from their websites.

However, from the SMH article both Yahoo and MSN have been censoring content in China before Google has joined the party, but the cruel world of Internet made little fuzz about it. What can we conclude?

  • People will attack you because of your "do no evil" motto, even though you are just doing what everyone else is doing.
  • Market share > Motto. Google, as an international multi-billion-dollar company, will bend for a market that they cannot ignore. The question is just when, which has just been answered.
  • It is a good PR to claim that "Faster Search Engine Access" == "Greater Good" at the expense of free speech of millions of Chinese. Censorship a necessary evil?
  • Zealous advocates removing their AdSense ads from their BlogSpot sites will not make a dent. Don't cry when Google bans your account.
  • Those in China who are interested in the 3 T's (Tibet, Taiwan and Tiananmen) and 2 C's (Cult and Criticism) can still to get them through anonymous proxy, smaller blog/news sites and search engines. China's great firewall is big, but not fool proof.

Update: Saw this on Jeremy Z's linkblog. Google China preview. Very very funny.