Die Weeds Die!

Weeding has not been my most favourite gardening work, although in most cases it is necessary. Sometimes it is easy -- just pull them off the ground and throw into the bin. Sometimes it ain't that easy, especially those big wooden weeds which everyone else mistaken them as trees.

Two photos of an area next to my drive way, one hour apart.

Weeding -- Before
Weeding -- Before

Steps to take:

  1. Take a photo before you do anything!!! This is VERY important. Otherwise you can't really blog about it, can you? :)
  2. Take down the tree wooden weed with a hand saw. I use a cheap one from Bunnings. YMMV.
  3. Chop the branches into pieces with saw and other gardening tools so they fit better in the bin. Leave large pieces on the front lawn for the council to collect :)
  4. Use a wet sponge to dampen the cut section with Roundup weed killer. It shall hopefully kill its root, which I will come back and dig up in 2 weeks.
  5. Take an "after" shot showing what you have achieved.

I have actually been commissioned by Vivian to remove quite a few of those wooden weeds from our garden over the past year, to prepare for "planting something nicer". Just that I have never seen this "something nicer" been planted around the house...