Weekly updates

As you can see, writing on this blog has been sparse over the last week. Not just this blog, but pretty much my activity on the Internet has been severely reduced. My Bloglines unread items constantly hangs around 1,000+, and I have not written for FuCoder for almost 3 weeks!

Here's some update for this week.

  • Work has been busy. Moreover, it is only going to be busier towards February next year because of a potential big deployment roll-out. There is a lot of coding to do -- mainly refactoring and improving scalability. It's good that I am having a chance to fix those WTF encountered every once a while. It's bad that there is just so many WTF out there.

  • "Scalability" has been something that I would like to write about on FuCoder.com (but don't have time to). It has been something much talked about on the net lately, especially surrounding the scalability issues of "Web 2.0" applications. It all came down to another dirty word called "optimisation". Somehow I still believe the golden rule that premature optimisation is the root of all evil. However, having been thinking about scaling an 5-10 users desktop app to 1,000+ users lately, it appears that leaving optimisation too late will also be nothing but pain.

  • Hot in Sydney this week. Tops at 39 degree Celsius. That sucks.

  • 4 Singaporeans lived in our place over the week. Two at a time. They came for EP & GG's wedding this Saturday. Great to see some of the old faces, but I am not sure whether I am used to having other people under the same roof.

  • And yeah, GG & EP's wedding tomorrow -- it must has been the first MBF wedding in 2 years. Hopefully there is going to be good weather. Hopefully it is not going to be too hot.

  • I have been working on Bible study material for Mandarin Bible Fellowship this summer. My group will be doing a 10 week study on the gospel of John, looking at the 7 signs performed by Jesus. Starting this Sunday.