Site Update -- WP 2.0RC3, Forum

Ryan has announced the availability of WordPress 2.0RC3 on their developer blog. Matt has also hinted the up-coming 2.0 release to be on either Wednesday or Thursday, depending on the phrase of the moon.

So there you go -- I downloaded the latest WP RC, unpack the tarball, run the upgrade script, and bingo! is now running the latest and greatest of WordPress. Thanks to the trouble free upgrading.

So far so good. The new interface is very much, with all those Javascript and/or AJAX goodies. Fortunately it also falls back gracefully as I spent half my time posting under a text-mode browser. No significant functionality that I can spot by browsing the new admin interface. Maybe the real changes are under the hood.

It also broke some plugins, notably my Permalink Redirect plugin. I have quickly hacked a 0.4.2 patch and it is now working fine again for me. YMMV.

Another new addition to the site is the forum, powered by Lussumo Vanilla. I am afraid that a blog software is just not suitable for taking support issues, as people kept on leaving comments on my pages. Some of them have resolved, and some of them are still pending -- and being in the comment section doesn't help me organising those issues.

Anyway, now there's a forum -- leave your enquiries there.

Update: Site is currently running latest WP from SVN. Forum has been changed from Vanilla to PunBB. Well, I love Vanilla, but (1) some of the extensions do not appear to work and I don't have time to look at them (2) won't work on PHP5 which I am moving to. PunBB does not have the discussion view, but still simply enough to manage and install.