Jedi Flies

One of the most annoying things in Australia is their flies. They are everywhere in a hot windy summer. I am actually fine if they are just flying around in their own course. However most of the time they would decide to park on my body to take a break. Showing them that they are not welcomed, either verbally or physically, usually has no effect what so ever. They just kept on coming back.

Like this afternoon. I was out in the front lawn trying to rake up the leaves, but the flies were annoying the hell out of me. Some of them are easy for instant kills -- especially stupid ones that you can almost hit them with a baseball bat. However, some of them seem to be more clever, more agile and more unpredictable than the others.

And the thing is, those ones seem to be able to know exactly when and where you are going to attack. They always fly away into opposite direction pre-emptively, as thought they can somehow see the future. I just could not figure out how a low-life fly did it!

Then a thought hits me -- maybe. Just maybe -- these are the Force wielding Jedi Flies who can always see the direction of their preyers just ahead their time. They even used their little mind trick manipulating me, saying "these are the the flies you are looking for" so I eventually gave up hitting them. Aargh!

So what should I do now? Maybe I shall just go and find two Sith Flies (one master, one padawan) so they can eliminate all those annoying Jedi flies?