5 Reasons Why Web 2.0 Matters

Via Slashdot, your typical Web 0.9.76beta pl2 open source news site. Dion Hinchcliffe wrote Five Reasons Why Web 2.0 Matters. Here are the reasons he gave:

  1. The Focus of Technology Moves To People With Web 2.0
    Translation: Web 2.0 is people-centred, and they are here to solve people's problems.
  2. Web 2.0 Represents Best Practices
    Translation: "Web 2.0" actually evolves from "Web 1.0" (surprise!!!)
  3. Web 2.0 Has Excellent Feng Shui
    Translation: "Web 2.0" has a lot of hype, and swarm of VC are pouring money into it.
  4. Quality Is Maximized, Waste Is Minimized
    Translation: It is just a matter picking the hyped right tools so that you can be quick to market. Can't scale? Just buy more hardware. Damn it!
  5. Web 2.0 Has A Ballistic Trajectory
    Translation: More buzz, more hype, bigger bubbles -- you might as well take this roller coaster ride and profit from it.

As you can see, he is either stating the obvious, or saying "lol, this is so cool" in a journalistic way. Moreover, have we actually come to a conclusion what "Web 2.0" really is?