What will you write in that email?

The E-Mail Time Capsule - Forbes.com What will you write in that email, that is destined to loop all the way back to you in 20 years time? Forbes.com apparently provides this service. The E-Mail Time Capsule allows you to send an email back to yourself in up to 20 years time, and from its description, it seems to have a pretty good fail safe system.

But it might still fail. Will we still "email" in 2025? Will they still talk in RFC821, with messages packed in RFC822 envelops? Will there be an email client available for download? Will there be "downloads"? Would Internet still exist in the current form in 20 years time?

Will I forget to check that long expired account? Will I still be alive reading my own emails? Will Christ come back to bring in the Judgement Day prior to that?

Against these improbable (or, maybe very probable) odds, what will you write in such email?

G'day Scott!

How's going mate? So you are almost 50 I presume. Coping with mid-life crisis well? How is it like getting closer to the end of the tunnel? Was that a smooth or roller-coaster ride? So, Jesus didn't come over the last 2 decades right? But you know he is just taking his time, don't you? Stand firm mate!

I am all good. Feeling a bit sick in a stormy afternoon in Sydney Australia. Just wondering what has been happening.

Cheers! See you in 20 years.

Wasn't that an pathetic attempt?! But I cannot imagine what will I think when I receive it in 20 years time. I do archive emails -- only all the way back to 1996. When I read through some of them they are just either (1) out right funny (2) idiotic. How would this email be perceived in 20 years time?