We are the worst dressed

According to this article in the Sydney Morning Herald, apparently IT workers are the worst dressed in Australia. And the help desk people are the worst amongst the worst, closely followed by those of the Internet start up.

Why is it the case? To quote the article, a "corporate stylist" said,

"Because the majority of IT people are not in front of customers all the time, they tend to slack off," she said.

Slacking off?! Huh?! Well, blogging at work might be slacking off, as I am paid to design, code and keep customers satisfied, but I do not think dressing in T-shirt and shorts is slacking off from what I am required to do. And the article puts it in a funny kind of way:

... (badly dressed help desk droids) followed by those working in technology start-ups, many of whom had continued to wear T-shirts to work as a consequence of the casual web culture of the '90s.

Alright. The casual web culture is of the nineties, and I believe it is used with a negative connotation -- but what is the culture of the naughties that the "corporate stylist" is trying to sell?

(the "corporate stylist") believes money should be no object when it comes to dressing well.

Well, I guess that is the bottom line. Spend lots of money getting a consultant to tell you what to wear, and then spend even more money getting the dress to wear -- so that you will become the culture of the naughties and be loved by the corporate. Still not sure what has that to do with IT workers. It certainly won't make the servers compute faster, nor can solve any NP-Complete problem.

Dress today: short-sleeve check-box shirt, three-quarter cargo pants, white socks and a pair of runners.