Visual Studio Express -- free for one year

Microsoft Visual Studio Express Via, Visual Studio Express is now free download for one year from MSDN website, and from the FAQ, you can apparently use it commericially and for production sites. And with its "free for one year" deal, it just means that Microsoft might start charging those downloads after Nov 2006, but what has been downloaded remains free. By then, we will probably get Visual Studio Express 2006 free** for one year...

There are five VS expression edition to download -- Web Developer, Basic, C#, C++ and J#, ranging from 35-70 Mb if you use its download link. MSDN also provides ISO images if you want to burn them onto CD's.

Well done, MSFT! Stiff competition huh, from these guys?! Too bad I don't currently code in any of the languages Visual Studio Express provides, and there is no way MSFT can pry Vim from my cold dead fingers.