SGI, delisted

Via Slashdot, SGI's stock has been delisted from NYSE. Again, that reminded me how much turbulence IT world has. Back in my days, SGI used to make sexiest boxes for un*x geeks (wow! look at the curve of that blue O2), and contributed influential technologies (OpenGL, STL, etc). I still remember computer shows in the mid-90's they used to be one of the most popular stalls. They then made some stupid mistakes (Clay, IA64, Windoze), and now they are almost gone.

Who in their right mind will spend USD$7,000+ buying an entry level IA64 box that runs Linux? But then again, what about other big un*x vendors from the same era? Digital DEC Compaq HP Alpha? HP PA-RISC? Machines that used to catch all geeks' saliva?

I guess Sun has smartened up. They are now selling still-sexy-looking 64-bit Opteron SunFire servers with Solaris installed for under AUD$1,000, and powerful workstations at very affordable price. Too affordable I'll say -- to a point you can almost hear people saying, "hey, you own a Sun box at home? So do I!" And OpenSolaris 10 actually turned out to be quite impressive. Can you believe it?

Maybe I'll never own an SGI box in my lifetime. I used to have a Sun box at work (many years ago). Maybe one day there will be one at home.