Microsoft and its Live Software

Windows Live "beta" -- absolutely the most talked about topic on Internet over the last two days. Heavy "Ajax" that has been all over the web these days which I have started to hate. Doesn't work on Firefox yet, and it constantly crashed my Internet Explorer. Still, sounds like Microsoft has finally decided to ditch its pure desktop application model, and move onto Internet portals of the late 90's.

Well done Billy!

And we also get Microsoft Gadgets. I was expecting modular widgets that run on desktop like Yahoo's Konfabulator, Google's Desktop sidebar or Apple's Mac OS X Dashboard, but it turns out to be web applications described in XML, coded in Javascript, rendered in HTML and plugged right into and

So, other companies are moving back to the desktop, where Microsoft embraces the web? What the?!

Elsewhere on the net:

Well, there are absolutely too many discussions out there. Basically there are two kinds of responses from existing "Web 2.0" companies/developers -- (1) Welcome! (2) Go away! But one of my favourite is this comment here by Nivi:

Do you know what you get when you spell live backwards?

You get evil.