MBF Review 2005

Last Sunday was Mandarin Bible Fellowship's annual review. It has been something that we are trying to run every year -- just before students catch their plane home. I did not recall whether we have managed to run the review last year, but anyway, it has been an interesting review this year.

re-view n. A reexamination or reconsideration.

In MBF Review, each of the Bible study groups will focus on one thing that we have done during the year -- be that church camp, Friday seminars or Bible studies, and share with everyone what have they learnt. Some are presented in skits, and some are in songs and music. And at this point in time you can have a chance to look back in amazement -- wow! We have actually covered a lot of material this year.

  • Sunday Bible studies
    • Investigating Christianity (4 studies)
    • Philippians (4 studies)
    • 2 Peter (4 studies)
    • Isaiah (7 studies)
    • 1 John (7 studies)
    • 2 & 3 John (2 studies)
    • Colossians (6 studies)
  • Friday talks & seminars
    • Desire (4 talks)
    • Apostles' Creed (11 talks)
    • Freedom (4 talks)
    • Story of Kingdom (11 seminars)
  • Church camp -- Desiring God
  • Mid Year Conference -- Life Worth Losing
  • Campus Bible Study -- Galatians

I haven't even been able to participate everything that we have reviewed. But then I realise how priviledged we are -- Christians with abundant resources here in Sydney that enables us to know God better. It has been a great year -- a very fruitful year actually. What matters to me is more than just everything we have learnt combined, but also the fellowship we have built when Christians meet together and encourage each other. They are priceless.

Ain't God gracious?!

Tim with his amazing organisation capability, has already drawn out the calendar for all Sunday activities for MBF next year. I think we are going to take the Bible studies in a slower pace -- we will be spending the whole year studying Hebrews and 2 Corinthians.

We have done Hebrews back in 2002, and it will be great doing it against -- it is a book that pushes people to read up both New and Old Testament. 2 Corinthians has been on my "wish-to-do" list for the past few years, and it's good that we are allocating the entire session 2 for it.

Sounds like 2006 is going to be fruitful year as well.