Google Analytics

Google Analytics Logo Google bought Urchin a few months ago, and the first fruit of this acquisition, Google Analytics, was released a few days ago.

It is basically a web stats application. You know, the ones that show you who your visitors are, where are they coming from, which pages they visit, etc. It also gives statistics for commerce sites to track conversion rates, which has so far not been very useful to me. Nevertheless, I jumped on and gave it a try.

Registration is easy -- every dog and cat with a Gmail account can register. Then you just need to add your websites into profiles, and add some Javascript code into your website -- viola! Google is now tracking the visitors of your website, just like how it is currently tracking your search history, ad-clicking history, etc. Another victory to our search engine overlord!

Except Google Analytics simply doesn't work. After you have put the Javascript code into your website, Analytics says that the first report will be ready within 12 hours. 30 hours have passed, all 3 sites that I am tracking are still showing blank. Click random clicks in the help system also gives me file not found errors. Not very helpful at all.

And it wasn't me who is suffering alone -- searching through Google Blog Search sees rants from everywhere. Google Analytics has to be one of few products that came out from Google without a "beta" tag on, but maybe that's how Google denoted their alpha-quality software :)

I'll stick with my AWStats thanks. No need to fiddle around with Javascript, and it logs all bot activities too. Moreover, I can run it whenever I want, and there is no need to wait for 12 24 36 hours.

Now, if only Google can provide better statistics for our AdSense pages...